Polygel Nail Kit LULAA 1Set Mini LED Nail Dryer Acrylic Soak UV Quick


Poly Gel Nail Kit LULAA 1Set Mini LED Nail Dryer Acrylic Polygel Kit Soak UV Quick extension Gel Base Coat Top Coat Nail Tool ALL-IN-ONE FRENCH KIT: 15ml poly nail gel kit includes the tools you need: nail file, dual forms, the dual headed pen and the base top coat. You only need to prepare a extra slip solution. If you don ‘have slip solution, you can use cleanser to shape the gel. Gift for mother, wife, girlfriend and nail art lovers. LONG-LASTING AND DURABLE: Gershion poly nail gel will last up to about one month or longer with proper nail prep (filing, buffering, and cleaning). It does not fall off even though you wash dishes or clothes. EASY TO USE: nail extension gel dry very fast, the curing time for the LED lamp is only 30s-60s and UV Lamp is 2 mins. It’s stronger, more flexible, easier to control than other nail extension. -Brand:LULAA -Name:Nail Dryer Poly Gel kit -Nail tools: nail gel polish set -Acrylic nails: gel nail set -Nail set: uv gel nail polish set -Nail gel set: UV gel setGel set: set nail -Gel nail polish set: tool nail -Nail art tools: set nail gel -Gel polish set: gel nails tools -Nail art set: set nail polish -Acrylic nail set: uv gel polish set -Colour: transparent -Material: plastic -Size: 20 x 10 x 4cm Package Contents -1 x nail lamp -1 x USB cable -1 x bottle bottom glue 8ML -1 x bottle sealant 8ML -1 x extension gel 15ML -1 x rubbing bar -1 x manicure pen -1 x box of 100 nails Only the above package content, other products are not included.

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