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Our Himalayan Pink Salt contains only the purest salt, free of impurities, as nature-made. It comes directly from the Khewra Mines of the Himalayan Mountains.
Unbeatable Health Benefits: This purest form of salt is rich in essential trace minerals and gets its iconic pink tint naturally. Himalayan Pink natural salt contains electrolytes and minerals that aid in hydration and well-being.
Zip Lock Packaging: Pink rock salt stays fresher for longer thanks to the sealed craft packaging. It is packaged in a reusable and long-lasting manner.
All season salt: Himalayan Chef Pink Salt can be used in any type of season, event, and dish. Its packaging keeps it fresh and easy to use. Moreover, it can be used to enhance the flavor of any meal.
Extra Fine Grain: This fine powder of Pink Himalayan Salt makes it suitable to be used in cooking. It dissolves quickly and efficiently without giving your food a grainy texture.

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