Moroccan Berber rugs-carpet for sale


-Shop Moroccan style wool Berber Kilim rugs at cheap prices direct from the area of authentic,antique handwoven rugs customizable by size,color,beni ourain.

Custom rug size – Buy Moroccan Rugs
DISCOVER OUR COLLECTION OF VINTAGE MOROCCAN RUGS Our Team of weaving Cooperatives is able to create your own Style and type of Moroccan rugs

-Custom rug size – Buy Moroccan Rugs

-Our company offers the best style of decorative handmade Moroccan rugs inspired by the ancient heritage of Berber Amazigh women from the weaving cooperatives area of the High Atlas of Morocco to its customers all over the world. Each area and tribe has its own art and design of carpets and color palettes.

-Preserving and developing the traditions of Moroccan heritage is a priority for Moroccan Berber women, who inherited the craft of carpets from their ancestors centuries ago. and tells strange stories about every rug they’ve made. We supply to major retailers and wholesalers in Europe, the USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, online stores, and art galleries.

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