HUION HS64 Graphics Tablet 6×4 Inhes 8192 Pressure Levels


Original Huion HS64 Graphics Tablets with the following great features:-

– Model: Huion HS64
– Size: 6 x 4 Inches
– 8192 Pressure Levels
– 10mm Sensing Height
– Battery-Free Stylus Pen (PW-100)
– Compatible/connects with Android and IOS Mobile Phones (OTG)
– 4x Programmable Express Keys Customisable
– 2x Customisable buttons on the stylus pen
– Report Rate: 266PPS

Package Includes:
– 1x Huion HS Graphics Tablet
– 1x Stylus Pen (No Battery or Cells Required)
– 8x Extra Nibs
– 1x Nib Removing Tool
– 1x USB Cable to connect with PC or Phone
– 2x USB Connectors for use with Android and iPhone Mobile Phones
– Quick Start Guide (User Manual)
– Drivers Downloading URL Card

Prices are final, no bargain please.

– Install drivers before use for getting additional functionality
– It works great with good computer resources like above 4GB RAM
– Personal warranty of 10 days is offered as there is no warranty available on imported items
– It’s a great and tested product for Graphic Designers for use on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc and Teachers for Online Teaching
– Following products are also available:-
– Gaomon 6×4 Inches S620 for Rs. 8,500/-

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