Horizen Health Care and Home Nursing Services Bahria Town, Lahore

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#Horizenhealthcare #HomeHealthcareServices #HomeNursingServices #WeProvideCertifiedAndSkilledNursing #AtYoursHomeLocationInLahore,Sheikhupura 24/7 We Provide Nursing services for a Short-term or on call Long-term basis depending on the patient’s condition or medical advice of their doctor. #Nursing Services Includes: Manage patients for 12 or 24 hours Post Hospitalization care Orthopedic and wound care Vitals monitoring (Blood pressure, Glucose, pulse, respiratory rate, etc. ) Administer oral medication IV infusions, injections Assist in ambulation (moving the patient around) Manages Urine catheterization & bags NG Tube and Feed management Manage cleaning, grooming, bathing Feeding of the patient Oxygen administration Doctor Pricribation follow #Benefits of Home Nursing Services Allow the patients to check out early from the hospital and continue their treatment at home in their comfort with their family around Regular and one to one attention by a nursing staff helps the patient get more personal care when compared to a hospital setting. It cuts down the need to travel to and from the hospital or clinic thereby saving patients from unnecessary discomfort. It helps patients save time and money thus making it cost-effective. Our other services: #Physiotherapy #Elderlycare #Caregiver #Disabledcare #Respiratorytherapy #Speechtherapy #Dietnutrition #Labtesting #Doctorconsultation #Generalphysician #Hijamatherapy #Cuppingtherapy #homehealthcareservices #in Lahore,Sheikhupura #Book your Appointment Now OR Just Call Now We Are At Your Home Location: (View phone number) (View phone number) Century Tower,Kalma Chowk,Lahore. Facebook: Horizen Healthcare & Home Nursing Services Gmail: [redacted email address] Website: https://horizenhealthcare. com Instagram:Horizen-Health-care

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