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Treatment will include balance, strengthening, and mobility exercises. Your physiotherapist will help you relearn how to sit, stand, walk, and return to everyday activities that you have been finding hard. If you experience muscle spasms, you will be given stretching exercises and shown relaxation techniques to control symptoms. physiotherapist will carry out a full assessment to understand your problems, create goals, and select a suitable treatment programme If you are prone to falls, they will aim to work out the cause of your falls. Their ultimate goal is to build confidence in those with a fear of falling physio will assess your muscle strength, the range of movement of your joints, your balance, coordination, and your mobility along with other functional movements If you use a walking aid, your physio will check its height, and ensure you are using it correctly. They may suggest alternatives If suitable, advice will be given on equipment that may benefit you in the care home You will receive an exercise programme that is printed clearly with pictures and easy for you to follow when you are on your own or with your carer or family member

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