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HDPE pipes or you can say (High-density polyethylene pipes) comes with so many benefits that include high resistance to weather conditions and stress cracking. While you keep digging into the quality, we at NEWTECH-PIPES make sure everything goes out with perfection.

Following are the most important features of HDPE Pipes:

1. Safe for ingesting water with no poisonous or chemical contamination
2. High flexibility. Can be bent as an awful lot as 25-40 instances of the pipe diameters, accordingly lowering needless pipe joints
3. Light weight with solely 0.95 grams/cm two Weigh solely 1/5 of metal pipes of the identical size

4. Rust proof and excessive resistance to broken chemicals, making the product ultimate up to 50 years
5. Super clean inner surface, decreasing the hazard of pipe cloggage.

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