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Gym Bars | Gym Rods Hollow rods (with free screws) Dumbbell Rods pair 1ft RS. 1200 Dumbbell Rods heavy chromed pair RS. 1350 Dumbbell rods 18 inch long RS 1600 3fit bicep rod 1300 3ft curl rod zigzag curl bar 1350 4ft shoulder rod 1500 5ft chest rod for bench press 1700 ___________________________________________ Solid Rods (with metal clips ) Solid dumbbell Rods pair with 4 screws 1700 5ft chest rod shaft with 2 metal screws RS. 3500 a few pictures are given in the ad for further details please inbox or contact on W. App All other gym equipment Available #dumbbellhandles #dumbbellrods #dumpalrod #chestrod #biceprod #dumbbell #plates #rods #gymgloves #gymdeal #homegym #resistenceband #wheyprotein #massgainer etc

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