Concrete Cover meter rebar scanner rebar detector


Concrete Steel Bar Locator Integrated Rebar scanner are mainly used for detecting the internal reinforcement position, the
protective layer thickness,reinforcement spacing and diameter of rebar. It can accurately draw the distribution map of the whole rebar, to provide test data with high precision and high speed; the integrated structure of the host and the sensor coil, making it is convenient and quick when carrying and field operation;
It is characterized in coil structure design, faster speed, higher accuracy , stronger resolution.


Location and orientation of reinforcing bars
Measuring concrete cover depth
Estimation of rebar diameter
Compact, user-friendly indicating device with back light
USB connecting with PC for fast data transfer and analyze


Protection layer thickness range : Ø6 – Ø50 mm
Measuring Range (First Range) : 1-90 mm
Second Range: 5-185 mm
Maximum allowed error of protective layer thickness range : ±1 1-70mm, ±2 6-100 mm, ±4 80-185mm
Distance measurement accuracy: ±1
Scanning mode: Thickness mode (protective layer thickness, spacing, diameter, JGT Detection
JGT Testing: Achieve single point 1-6 measurements, automatically calculates the average
Data Transmission: USB
Display: 2.8 inch high resolution LCD Screen (320×340 pixels)
Power supply: Built in Lithium Rechargeable battery
Operating temperature: – 10 Deg. C to + 42 Deg. C

S-1, 24-C, Sunset Lane No.1, Phase II (ext) DHA, -,Karachi,Pakistan
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