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Skin Whitening
Skin whitening cream work bye reducing a pigment in skin like melanin which give you dark colour it contain active ingredients basically it is a treatment to give you a skin lighter the best goal of skin whitening cream is fade out unwanted blemishes by lower melanin best skin whitening cream most contain vitamin C or further ingredients which given blo

Ingredients: Enriched whit glutathione vitamin c sodium benzoate fragrance maleic acid it give smooth skin whit optimum Moisturisation and nourished
This is very beneficial for skin whitening because of vitamin c which essential for anti-oxidant or enhances elastic production of skin its approved by FDA or it have made after pharmaceutical a knowledge.
1. It must remove dark spots like black or white heads
2. Lighten the skin tone , remove pigmentation
3. Get glowing fresh skin with in 3 weak
Basically good for women who have
1. Dark spots
2. Wrinkled skin
3. Pigmentation white and black head
4. Acne scars
5. Dull skin

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