1080 Square Feet Residential Plot Available For sale In Scheme 33


This Residential Plot in Scheme 33 is hard to ignore due to its matchless amenities. The Residential Plot for sale is a great deal considering it comes with many facilities. Take a look at this 1080 Square Feet property and imagine you have found the best one for you. The Residential Plot valued at PKR ,500,000 is reasonable, given its features. Are you looking for property in Scheme 33? Your search is over! Make a property investment in Scheme 33 today and secure your future. Find out what the property entails below. A boundary wall ensures that you and your family feel safe here. The property has basic life amenities like power, water, sewerage, etc. A 24/7 active security staff maintains a safe, peaceful environment for the dwellers. This place has a Sui Gas connection, so there’s no need to use unsafe cylinders. Water tank and supply is sufficient enough to meet a large family’s needs. Once your payment is made, you can take possession of the Residential Plot. An efficient sewerage system is part of the Residential Plot ensuring cleanliness.

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